Real experience supporting every student, every chance, every day. 


Ann will bring her commitment and passion to the Board of Education and work to:

  • Seek solutions to increase resources that work for students
  • Build collaborative partnerships
  • Expand supports and resources for staff, students and families
  • Grow community engagement with the public education system
  • Shape long term planning for lifelong learning in SD 61

What I enjoy most is encouraging parents to engage in their school community, to share ideas with the broader community and to build partnerships that create vibrant and dynamic environments for student learning.”




    1. I certainly do not think these things will be easy, but I do know they are possible. The key is to develop good relationships that can take an idea, be informed and get behind solutions for change. Obviously, new money must be inserted into districts. I will build collaboration on solutions that work. I hope to focus the SD 61 Board and others across the province to advocate for changes to the funding formula. One area that could be addressed is the “missing” 50% of per student funding for those children attending private school. Currently taxpayers are taxed to fund each student fully at (for ease of #) 9000 – however because these students attend private school 1/2 of this goes to the private school. The other 50% DOES NOT go to public education but remains in government general revenue to be disbursed as treasury board sees fit. I will advocate for this missing 50% to be properly distributed into the public education system as it is intended and not a “saving” for government. This infusion in funding will have the benefit of 1) supporting the classrooms needs of public school students 2) reducing the attractiveness of the private school option to government. Additionally I will bring my leadership, listening skils and “can do” attitude to the Board table to ensure our teachers and staff are supported in the work they do. My comitment to families and community will ensure partnerships are developed and expanded to the broader to comunity making our students and schools a priority and something we can all have confidence and pride in being part of.


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