Real experience supporting every student, every chance, every day. 


Ann will continue to bring her passion to support students to the Board of Education and work to:

  • Seek solutions to promote student well-being
  • Expand supports and resources while ensuring equity across the District
  • Connect and collaborate with community and students
  • Strive for excellence in learning and leadership
  • Build on best practises for inclusion
  • Shape long term facility and land use plans for strong schools and communities

What I enjoy most is encouraging parents to engage in their school community, to share ideas with the broader community and to build partnerships that create vibrant and dynamic environments for student learning.”

Expand supports and resources while ensuring equity across the district

In our rapidly changing world and as curriculum continues to adapt to these changes, new resources and tools are required to keep student learning relevant and current. Continued support for equitable access to technology, training and support will ensure our teachers and students remain highly effective in their teaching and learning.

At times, some of our students require specialised supports from speech therapists, counsellors, learning assistance or behaviour support to help them work through various challenges as they present in their lives. Through a minimum base funding plus flexible funding formula, accessibility to these types of supports when needed will increase in each school.

Additionally, as we see an increase in anxiety, behaviour concerns and other mental health challenges presenting themselves in our schools, access to resources and strong partnerships with external organisations working to support our struggling students and families is essential.  Increasing resources which build mental health literacy within our school communities will support healthier communities.

Shape long term facilities and land use plans for strong schools and communities

Population growth and the return of class size and composition language has created space pressures in our schools at a time when demand from community for access to “underutilised” district lands is increasing.  Whether it is childcare space, community gardens, shared amenities such as theatres or athletic facilities, or potentially even temporary housing – decisions regarding land use must be made in alignment with strategic plans and long term student and community needs.

Over the next four years, the District will seek to complete several large capital projects, each presenting opportunities to modify or change amenities available to students and potentially the greater community. I am committed to working in collaboration with our municipal and community partners to seek mutually beneficial partnerships and to increasing student and community engagement in the decision making process of these projects.

Strive for excellence in learning and leadership

Among school related factors, effective leadership ranks second after classroom instruction as a contributor to student learning. Principals are the lead learner in our schools – accountable for the quality of teaching and achievement of school goals. Developing effective leadership in all schools by creating expectations of continuous learning, student focused decision making, and building skills in nurturing relationships with community and parents based on educational leadership standards and district priorities will best support students.



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