Real experience supporting every student, every chance, every day. 

School District

PAC Chair (6 years – Sir James Douglas, Central Middle School and Victoria High School)
School Planning Council (4 years – Sir James Douglas, Victoria High School)
Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Council (VCPAC) (3 years)
Middle School Committee (2 years)
Canadian Parents for French (2 years)
Accountability Contract Committee (2 years – SD61)
Parent Education Facilitator (4 years)
Parent Tot Facilitator (2 years)
School Yard Supervisor (2 years)
Crossing Guard (3 years)
Beacon Hill Little League (3 years)
Girl Guides of Canada Leader (4 years)
Special Education Parent Network Day Co-ordinator


BC Teachers Council (1 year)
Education Advisory Committee (3 years)
K-12 Aboriginal Education Partners Table
– First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) (2 years)
BC Educational Leadership Council (2 years)
BC School Centred Mental Health Coalition (1 year)
Learning Round Table (3 years)
Canadian Home and School Federation (2 years)
Education Partners Group (2 years)
President BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (4 years)


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