Real experience supporting every student, every chance, every day. 

Ann - cg - croppedBorn and raised on Vancouver Island, Ann is proud to call Victoria her home.   Through her interest and involvement in her own children’s education, Ann developed a deep understanding and passion to advocate for the success of all children in the public education system.

As a parent, Ann understands the essential role of school in the lives of students, families and community. As an active parent leader in Victoria for 17 years, Ann has held numerous executive and committee positions on elementary, middle and high school Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC), and has worked as a School Yard Supervisor, Crossing Guard, and as a volunteer in many classrooms. She continues to represent parents and provide input and feedback at the school, district and provincial level and is often called upon for her opinion or as a consultant on important issues and projects.

Ann served for four years as President/CEO of the provincial Parent Advisory Council (BCCPAC), working tirelessly and collaboratively with education partners building relationships, improving communication and supporting student success through parent involvement. She has been a strong voice for students and parents on numerous provincial education committees including the Education Advisory Council, BC Education Leadership Council, First Nations Education Steering Committee, and the BC School Centred Mental Health Coalition, to name a few. Her motivation – she wants the best education for every child and to assist teachers and others with the tools they require so that everyone succeeds.

Ann’s education in Business Administration and Human Resources along with her years of experience as a bookkeeper, provide many of the skills and knowledge that would be of benefit in her role as a Trustee. Her ability to manage and work with limited financial resources, build consensus, act on important initiatives combined with her comprehensive listening skills and her appreciation of the tremendous value and resource all staff play in supporting students will guide good decision making.

A strong supporter of public education, Ann has consulted, written, presented and facilitated discussions and parent engagement workshops for teachers, principals, trustees, parents and the Ministry of Education, locally and provincially. She has a deep understanding of the need to look at the big picture and to keep an open mind that allows different viewpoints to be taken into consideration before a decision is made. While she understands this approach may often be time consuming, it is the best way, as it allows for objectivity and fairness.

Ann is committed to ensuring a positive learning experience for all students and families, and supporting the important role of parents, staff and community to ensure the best possible outcome in our diverse public education system. She looks forward to dedicating time to visiting schools, speaking with students, parents, and staff to find out what works, what does not and how people can change things for the better.


Vote for Ann Whiteaker on October 20 for Trustee!




Authorized by Ann Whiteaker, Financial Agent, 250-380-0596


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